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Iraq Warehouse management

date:2018-12-27 hit:162908
Warehouse management

How to properly arrange and manage stainless steel pipe fittings is very important to have a reasonable warehouse management system.

Warehousing acceptance management regulations

1. All inbound orders, the outbound order must be signed and confirmed by the warehouse supervisor and warehouse staff.
2. The warehousing products belong to the contract-customized part, and are inspected strictly according to the quality requirements of the corresponding contract. If the requirements for non-compliance with the contract are met, they shall be reported to the person in charge of the request for processing, and the relevant personnel of the sales department shall be notified at the same time.
3, the warehouse personnel must strictly in accordance with the contract requirements of the standard word, the commonly used products in accordance with the company's regular requirements to spray words.

4. All warehousing products must be placed in the area to be inspected before being inspected and placed in the finished product area.


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