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Iraq stainless steel pipe suppliers wants to close down?

date:2019-05-18 hits95057
stainless steel pipe suppliers wants to close down? On April 25th, Foshan Market News, I believe that in the past three days, the friends of Foshan Stainless Steel Industry are not plagued by the news that “a stainless steel pipe suppliers worker is paying a salary” or “a stainless steel pipe factory wants to close down”.

This is a thing that makes the industry feel extremely embarrassed. If a factory is not ruined and cannot manage the factory, it will not be what we see today.

However, since things have already happened, the reality of being naked is also straightforward.

When today’s list of debts was issued and the news that 10 million debts needed to be liquidated was flying, how many factories were mired at the same time?

You may remember that more than 20 days ago, a stainless steel pipe suppliers closed down. I don't want to do it, liquidate, perfect curtain call, without any negative impact. A benign graduation is also a kind of domineering. Perhaps he has the opportunity to take the opportunity to "return" with the persistence of the Big Big Wolf, but the foundation of industry support is still there.

In the industry in which we are located, in the context of fierce homogenization competition, severe decline in industry profits, and the emergence of industry ills, there are many enterprises that are “difficult to ride the tiger”, and they have the courage to complete their business. As the owner of a stainless steel pipe suppliers said, it is like a road of no return, but it still needs to be explored in the dark, and this night may be particularly long.



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