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Iraq China National Nuclear Corporation

date:2018-12-28 hit:170264
China National Nuclear Corporation

Stainless steel pipe fittings (stainless steel three-way. stainless steel reducer) CNNC North Nuclear Fuel Components Co., Ltd. AP1000 component plant equipment and supporting pipeline installation engineering

I. Project Name: AP1000 Component Factory Equipment and Supporting Pipeline Installation Engineering
II. Project Description: AP1000 component factory domestic IFBA coating furnace equipment supporting water, electricity, gas pipe installation and IFBA district pickling room pit renovation and equipment installation.
Category: low pressure stainless steel pipe fittings
Project: Stainless steel pipe fittings (90° elbow) reducer tee
Material: 06Cr19Ni10
Connection method: argon-filled protective welding
Medium: deionized water, compressed air
Pipe diameter: DN15, pipe diameter: DN50*15
Pressure rating: 1.6MPa
Degreasing before installation of the pipeline
Test and purge medium: compressed air
Material standards and quality requirements participate in relevant national standards
About "China Nuclear North Nuclear Fuel Components Co., Ltd."

CNNC North Nuclear Fuel Components Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of China National Nuclear Corporation, is one of the top five state-owned enterprises in Baotou City. It covers an area of 12 square kilometers and has assets of 1.8 billion yuan. It has more than 2,600 employees.
The enterprise implements a factory-integrated system with 22 directly affiliated units and departments. Production and operation have formed a military, nuclear and civil industry structure. There is only 200 tons of uranium CANDU6 heavy water reactor nuclear power fuel component production line and the world's largest metal calcium production line with an annual production capacity of 7,000 tons. A 200-ton uranium PWR nuclear fuel component production line with AFA3G as the leading product has been built, and the third-generation AP1000 pressurized water reactor nuclear fuel component and the fourth-generation high-temperature gas-cooled reactor nuclear fuel component production line are being built. Vigorously develop the needs of nuclear power, and will continue to build and expand the AFA3G pressurized water reactor nuclear fuel component production line. At that time, CNNC North Nuclear Fuel Components Co., Ltd. will become a complete industrial base for nuclear fuel components production in China. The company also has a ministerial-level key laboratory and a national physical and chemical testing center, and has a research institute and a post-doctoral research station.

In the new century, China Nuclear North Nuclear Fuel Components Co., Ltd. ushered in the spring of development. During the 10th Five-Year Plan period, the annual development rate is more than 20%, and the employee income is increased by more than 20% every year. During the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period, the company will invest 1.2 billion yuan. In addition to building a production line for pressurized water reactor nuclear fuel components, it will also build a strategic plan for enterprise development. By then, the scale of development, comprehensive strength and employee income will leap to the next level. New steps. From the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" to 2020, enterprises will realize the "three major leap-forward" development, from superior enterprises to strong enterprises, until the establishment of a world-class nuclear fuel component industrial base, the annual per capita income of employees will reach more than 120,000 yuan.

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Our company is a network supplier of China National Nuclear Corporation. Since its establishment, the company has been positioned to provide the most stringent and high quality stainless steel pipe fittings for the country's middle and high-end enterprises. After layer screening and inspection, it is finally determined as our current batch. Instant supplier of stainless steel pipe fittings (stainless steel tees, stainless steel reducers). Our company will provide the best quality products on time and on time.


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